October 3, 2022
‘The Iron Weathercock’: World reacts to Truss win

‘The Iron Weathercock’: World reacts to Truss win

Global leaders were sending their congratulations to Liz Truss – however withinside the worldwide media, there were snarkier remarks, too.

“She has long gone to peer the Queen,” stated Russian tv presenter Ivan Trushkin. “If she [the Queen] recognises her of course.”

In France, meanwhile, she has been branded now no longer the Iron Lady – which turned into former UK PM Margaret Thatcher’s nickname – however the Iron Weathercock.

This is a connection with Ms Truss’s converting perspectives on the United Kingdom leaving the European Union – she went from opponent earlier than the 2016 referendum, to supporter afterwards, announcing in July that “a number of the portents of doom did not happen”. It’s believed the time period turned into first coined in Les Echos in July – however has considering stuck on amongst a few commentators.

Like Les Echos, Italy’s Corriere della Sera as compared Truss to Thatcher – however defined the brand new chief’s speeches as extra “robotic”.

The first chief to congratulate publicly Ms Truss turned into German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“In those tough times,” he wrote in English, London and Berlin might keep on cooperating as “companions and friends”.

Warm phrases additionally got here from EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen – however now no longer with out an obvious connection with the Brexit-associated Northern Ireland protocol.

“I sit up for a optimistic relationship, in complete admire of our agreements,” she stated in a tweet.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted Liz Truss the “very best”, Poland’s Mateusz Morawiecki stated he turned into “very, very pleased” through her dedication to Ukraine, and the Irish Taoiseach Micheal Martin stated he appeared ahead to running with Britain’s new PM.

As expected, the response from Russia has been extra negative, with presenters on Gazprom-owned NTV describing Truss’s election as a “catastrophe” for the United Kingdom.

Russia’s overseas ministry, which has formerly been extraordinarily dismissive of Liz Truss, is but to react officially to the news. When it does – do not assume plenty love lost.

In February, Moscow’s pinnacle diplomat Sergei Lavrov as compared assembly her with “a communique among a person deaf and a person who’s mute.”

However, Ms Truss’s win turned into welcomed through a few in Russia. Leonid Volkov, leader of team of workers for jailed competition chief Alexei Navalny, stated it turned into “outstanding news”.

“In the Kremlin they have been cracking open the champagne while Johnson resigned, however there aren’t anyt any grounds for supposing that Truss can be a softer touch,” he wrote on Twitter (in Russian).

China is likewise but to formally reply to the news – however outstanding Chinese reporters supplied a in addition pessimistic view of the United Kingdom’s destiny below Truss.

“Truss will probably be certainly considered one among Britain’s maximum mediocre top ministers,” tweeted Hu Xijin, a commentator for the Chinese Communist Party-affiliated Global Times.

“Truss has the desire to be Britain’s “new iron lady”, however she won’t have Thatcher’s fate.”

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