October 3, 2022


Basics of bedding

A typical bedding refers to the removable upper linen laid over a mattress for multitude of purposes like addition of aesthetics to the mattress, protection to the same from dust and dirt, hygiene aspects and last but not the least providing a great deal of comfort to the users. This bedding is available in wide range of customisations, designs and can go together with myriads of backgrounds and home interior. With the advent of technology, these days customised and ink printed bedding is also rising to popularity in the market. This article basically deals with a style of bedding called southwestern bedding.

All about southwestern bedding

Southwestern bedding refers to the set of quilts, pillow covers, linen, screens and other bedding material that are designed basically on the theme of a typical southwestern design and hence imparts the same to the interior of the homes when put into use. This can go good with nearly all types of houses and is irrespective of the geographic locations of the same. Also available in wide ranges of customisations, this satisfies the needs of a large number of customers and hence is quite a popular choice amongst the homemakers of today’s times. Following are some of the best collections that come under the southwestern bedding: –

  • Topaz handkerchief quilt which is formed by the products that are hand stitched on large scale and not produced by the large machines. Available mainly in shades of cream white and blue, this is very soft to touch and quite delicate in terms of use. Hence it is quite a comfortable choice for many of the homemakers.
  • Southwest quilt connection that imparts the typical style of the southwestern side. With tones of deep gold and contrasts of light pink, this imparts a high quality of aesthetic looks and hence is a highly appreciated choice by a majority.
  • Seneca Bedding Collection takes its inspiration from the mountaineer flannel patterns and is available in shades of blue, red, green, brown and black. Generally, hand fabricated this is prepared with 100 percent of cotton and hence adds more to the comfort factor irrespective of the seasons.
  • Plateau bedding collection available in deep shades and jewel-toned stripes that bring out the artistic approach even further. This draws inspiration from the scenic beauty of late afternoon sun hitting the region of the plateau.
  • Canyon View Bedding that has the majestic power of the canyon region and with its tones of red, orange and turquoise can easily match with backgrounds of earth and sky colours.

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